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When your child is poorly

Prescribed Medication

Only authorised persons within the nursery may administer medication to your child.

Non-prescribed Medication

Non-prescribed medication can be authorised for teething, mild skin conditions, and allergies, such as hay fever, fever relief, and mild eye inflammations/infections. These will only be administered if you give your permission.

If your child develops a temperature above 37.8c  or shows symptoms of serious illness, we will contact you on all provided numbers to inform parents that your child is unwell, we will monitor for half and hour and then call to confirm if your child should be collected to go home.

Whilst at the nursery your child will pick up viruses. To minimise and reduce the chance of infection and maintain levels of hygiene we have placed hand washing sanitisers at the entrance of the building, and ask you to encourage your child to wash their hands before entering and upon leaving. If your child is away with diarrhoea or vomiting, we have been advised that they should not return for 48 hours after their last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea.


We choose not to administer Calpol as this can mask symptons of an illness.