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Spring/Summer 2020 Newsletter

This term we will be focusing on spring and summer.

As always the newsletter will focus on the main events that are coming up through the year and reminders will be in place in the office.

Some of the stories and songs we will be focusing on are:

  • The very hungry caterpillar
  • Old McDonald
  • Mary had a little lamb
  • Peter Rabbit
  • 10 tiny tadpoles
  • Speckled frogs
  • The tiny seed
  • Spring song book
  • Titch
  • The tiny seed
  • Oliver’s vegetables

Through these we will be learning:

  • Show an understanding of decay, changes and growth
  • Learning to play alongside others
  • To express own interests and preferences
  • Respond to and follow boundaries
  • Join in with familiar words and phrases from stories and songs
  • Question why things happen and how things work
  • Find total number of 2 groups by counting all together
  • Ask simple questions
  • Suggest ways that stories may end
  • Hold books the correct way and turn pages
  • Give meaning to the marks we make
  • Begin to make comparisons between size and quantities
  • Use number language in play
  • Begin to make believe by pretending

Plus many more. Adapted relating to age and stage of development


Can all Parents and Carers please ensure that they always close the gate and door behind them.

Please remember that the gates in the garden are not for parental use, all parents should access the nursery through the office and leave through the office.

Only parents and main carers should have the code for main office door. If anyone else is collecting your child, please just ask them to ring the bell.

Arriving at nursery:

Please continue to drop off and pick up from garden area- we will be looking to review this when we feel it is safe to do so and can have parents here for drop off and pick up. This would then be dropping off through the office but then collecting from garden doors- we will keep you updated on any changes


Can all Parents please remember that breakfast finishes at 9am, this is to allow time to tidy up and reset up the room for morning play activities.

Shooting stars will continue to have breakfast in their base room

Labelling clothes:

Can all parents please make sure that they are labelling their children’s spare clothes at nursery.

Please label clearly with a marker pen or alternatively there are many websites you can go on and order labels that stay on in the wash.


Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing at nursery for the weather.

Wellington boots for garden play- as we take the children out in all weathers. Also gloves and hats so that the children are kept warm whilst out in the garden area.

If you have all in one suits that you wish for them to wear in the rain, please bring them in and inform base room staff.

Children’s learning journey folders:

The learning Journey folders are also available for parents to look through on site but unfortunately cannot be taken home. These contain photo and written observations outlining achievements and general individual development of each child.

You can always arrange a meeting with your child’s key worker to go through these with you and inform you of how your child is getting on.

As we have a large amount of children and parents to cater for it can be quite hard to find a more structured way of arranging these meetings on a regular basis- therefore this is why we feel it is best for individual parents to arrange meetings direct with key workers as and when you feel you would like to discuss your child’s development.

2 year checks:

The Nursery now has a duty to carry out 2 year checks on all the children in our care, this runs alongside a 2 year check that your child would have with their Health visitor.

As and when your child is due this, you will be asked to attend a meeting with your child’s key worker so that we have a picture of the child as a whole before writing up our reports.

Parents as partners:

Do any of you have a talent that you would like to come in and share with the children; reading stories, playing an instrument, cooking, gardening or anything that you think the children would enjoy, then let us know.

Exclusion Policy:

Please remember that if your child is sent home with sickness and/or diarrhoea they must be off for 48hours from their last case not from when they are sent home from Nursery.

If your child is sick in the night/day before they are next due at nursery can you please make sure that they are kept at home as to minimise the risk of spreading bugs and viruses to the children and staff

Also if they are sent home with a temperature they must remain off for 24hours from when the temperature has gone without the use of Calpol or any other form of pain relief and not from when they are sent home- Parents are reminded that we do not administer Calpol to the children under any circumstances. We were advised during first aid training that Calpol can mask other symptoms that children may develop- we have had a few cases recently where children have had high temperatures and on one occasion we were informed that if we had given calpol to a child then the fact that they had dangerously low sugar levels would have been masked by the calpol and the fact that the child had an underlying infection would have gone undiagnosed. All parents are made aware of all the policies when joining the nursery and sign the admission form that you agree to these.  Some parents have said that friend’s nurseries etc do administer calpol but things like this are down to each individual nursery.





If children are on any form of antibiotics, they have to remain off Nursery for the first 48hrs. This is to ensure that the medication is in the child’s system and has begun to fight the infection/virus that they have. Also within this time frame children are most likely to have a reaction to medication if there body is unable to tolerate it. Even if your child has had the same medication before it does not mean that they cannot react to it if they are given it again. This is also something all parents are made aware of when you join, you sign and agree to this in admission documents.

Additional/Extra days:

We ask that Parents remember that this is something we will always try and accommodate but we cannot always guarantee will always be possible 


Can all parents please make sure that they are checking the office area for any notices that are being put up- as these have important information about things that are happening at the nursery.

Toys and comforters:

We are aware that some children do have particular comforters that they use when they are upset of to sleep with. These are of course fine for you to bring in to Nursery for your child to use when they are here.

However other items such as dolls, prams, toys, money etc should not be brought in to Nursery. These can create lots of unnecessary arguments and we have at times had toys go missing which then leaves us with very upset children. The Nursery has lots of toys and dolls that the children play with throughout the day.

Items such as money can also be very dangerous and can cause children to choke if placed in their mouths especially if they are picked up by younger children who can be very curious and explorative.

The Nursery will not be held responsible if any items do go missing and we ask that comforters are clearly labelled with your child’s name.



We understand that at times the pegs can get quite overcrowded. However with the large amount of children that we have in the Nursery children do need to share pegs. We try to make sure that part time children who may not attend the same days share but this is not always possible.

We ask that parents do not bring in large bags/ or lots of bags so that there is enough space for both children who are sharing pegs

Car park:

The car park is for drop off and pick up only, no parents should be leaving their cars here under any circumstances.

Also, can we please ensure that you are supervising your child during drop off and pick up and not allowing them to run in to the car park.

Building work:

As you may be aware, we are in the process of having a new purpose-built baby room built on the nursery grounds.

They are currently in the process of knocking down the old building, we are hoping that the new build will be ready for the beginning of June.

This will mean that the new build will cater for children from 3months-18months, existing baby room will then be 18months-2.5 years, little stars will be 2.5-3.5 and big stars 3.5 until they go to school.

These ages are not set and there will be some flexibility as we need to make sure there are spaces in the next room to move children up so this may be done on a school year bases or earlier if we have space.

Dates for your diary:

  • Monday 26th August- closed for bank holiday
  • Sunday 27th October- Diwali
  • Thursdday 31st October- Dress up for Halloween
  • Sunday 10th November- Remembrance day
  • Saturday 30th November- St Andrews day- Wear something Blue and White on Friday 29th
  • Tuesday 17th December- Christmas dinner (only for children that attend this day) We thought it would be nice to also make this our Christmas jumper day


Due to the current situation we are unsure if these events will be able to take place with parents on site. We will however be aiming to still have these but only staff and children will participate.

Nativity play- we are looking at still having these and recording to send to parents so you still get to have these special memories. Times will be confirmed nearer the day

  • Wednesday 18th December- Big star dress rehearsal for Nativity play- If your child does not attend this day they will need to be here by 10:15 in their costume and collected by 11:00
  • Thursday 19th December- Santa and Christmas Party. (If your child does not attend this day you are welcome between 2:30-4)
  • Santa will be visiting Baby room at 2:30, Bubble room at 2:35, Little stars at 2:45 and Big stars at 3:00
    Please make a note of changes to Santa times- as on previous experience many of the younger children get upset so Santa ends up moving on to the older rooms quicker than we had anticipated
  • Friday 20th December- Big star nativity play- If your child does not attend this day (in big stars) they will need to be here by 2:15pm in their costume ready for the play to start at 2:30- No parents are allowed in Big stars until the play starts.
    Also for health and safety reasons no more than 2 people per child will be allowed in (please make note of how many people per child- this does not include young siblings who can sit on parents laps- all prams must be left in buggy park)
  • Tuesday 24th December- Nursery closes 12:30

There will be additional events put on throughout the year so please keep an eye on any notices that will go up!!!!

If there is anything that you would like mentioned in the newsletter, maybe things have you forgotten of topics you would like covered please let me know.