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Dear Parents,

from 25 July 2014, we have a new website address:, and with that comes a new email address as well:

Do not worry, links to the old address will automatically go to the new site, and email sent to the old address will also automatically forward to the new address. 

The Blackheath Team

Spring Activities

Spring has sprung, and we all love being outside in the sunshine!  Each day our garden is open and the children can now enjoy activities outside in the warmer weather. Daffodils bring colour, and there are many activities to reflect the season, colour, growing, and habitats. We have started our regular play at the sports grounds and the children really enjoy the experience of visiting the local area with their friends. We are all looking forward to the bank holidays, when we can spend quality time together. We can't wait to hear the children's stories about their break.

Autumn Activities

A natural cooling break in the weather has heralded the autumn season. Our weekly walks will see the children gathering leaves and learning about the changes that so visibly occur in nature. The colour of the leaves and their falling, animals hibernating, and early evening darkness approaching.

Hats, scarves, wellies, boots and gloves will be worn frequently to enjoy the fresh days and varied weather conditions as much as we enjoyed the warm days of this summer.

Opening Times

We are  open every weekday (except bank holidays) from 07:30 until 18:00, for 51 weeks per year.

Blackheath News


Blackheath is open 51 weeks a year and is only closed on Bank Holidays and for one week between Christmas and New Year.

Parents will be informed of the exact closure dates.

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